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21 things you could learn to do, now!

11 Apr 2019

Opening your world up to new experiences can have a valuable impact on everyday life by keeping your mind fresh, your interests engaged and reaching that feeling of accomplishment you get at the end of something new.

With Short courses, you're able to explore that passion you’ve always wanted to learn, or maybe take up a new hobby you didn't know you loved, all while making valuable connections. They are also a cost-effective, fast and fun way to learn something new.

We have an exciting new range of short courses for Term 2 and we caught up with Liselle Pullen, Manager Recreational Courses, to chat all about it:

"We love launching a new term because ahead of us is a whole suite of fabulous courses covering everything from knitting a sock to building a house and from making a light souffle to learning how to weld a mess of metal together."

So what are you waiting for? There’s so much you can do from taking up a short course. To prove it, we've put together 21 things you could learn to do:

Taking great photos from your iPhone

Find out how to make the most of your great quality camera on your phone, with this interactive course. You’ll learn tips and tricks in the camera app, including self-timer and the versatile HDR-photo option.

Bush dancing like a pro!

In this course, you’ll learn the basics of perfecting the bush dance, with the Monaro Folk Society Bush Dance Group. And the classes are at night too!

Composting like a champ!

Learn how to reduce household waste and improve your garden produce while you’re at it. You’ll also learn how to set up and maintain a worm farm in your backyard. Keep your wiggly worms happy!

Speak with your hands

Learn the unique Australian Sign Language (AUSLAN) using current expressions to communicate to those using the language.

Make homemade pasta and sauces, just like a ristorante'

Just like the title says, create gorgeous sauces and homemade pasta to use in the kitchen at home. Bring Italy to your kitchen.

Creating gorgeous handwritten cards using calligraphy techniques

You’ll be taught basic strokes for lower and uppercase lettering, together with some ornamental flourishes. A great idea for presents!

Become your own guitar hero

Guitar for Beginners helps non-experienced musicians learn basic cords, and advance their knowledge of this versatile instrument. Impress your friends at your next dinner party.

Make your stories come alive

With the 'Seduce your Reader' short course, learn how to construct compelling plot lines and character development to hook in your reader.

Creating timeless bouquets for the home

This course will teach you the basics of hand tying, wiring and designing bouquets for yourself, loved ones, or special occasions.

Making your superannuation stress, super

This course is designed to help you manage your superannuation and understanding how to make the most of your savings. Doing something today can make a lifetime of difference!

Be your own MUA

Tired of the same outdated makeup routine? Taught by professional makeup artists, this course will show how to apply natural looking make up that suite you for an everyday look.

Finding your thoughts through meditation

Feel free and learn how empowering meditation and mindfulness can be, with this effective 6-week program. It's highly adaptable and insightful to focus on your breathing, thoughts and movements.

Find that spot, and park like a pro!

Wanting to take the family on a vacation, but worried about reversing the caravan or trailer? Bring your vehicle, and Waine will help you reverse it in a range of scenarios.

A crash course in crochet

Slip, stitch and double crochet with this short course. Learn the basic elements of crochet with our two-session workshop. No crochet experience is required.

The ins and outs of the gram'

Hashtag like a pro, and learn the tools and cutting edge impact Instagram has on personal and professional projects in the digital age.

ravel to Italy, with ease

In this basics language course, you’ll learn how to great people in the street, or order a coffee in Italian. A course perfect for those travelling to the country. Find that gelato store and the end of the strada!

Become a soup-a-star

Create hearty soups, ideal for those cold Canberran nights. You’ll learn how to make a great stock, and adding a selection of ingredients to create an appealing dinner option for the family.

Wooden it be great to make your own furniture?

In this hands-on course, learn about joints, tools, sharpening and assembling your own woodwork projects.

Explore your inner artist!

Create the world in a whole new way! Build your understanding of basic painting and drawing techniques, and create gorgeous artworks to hang around the home. This course is suitable for beginner to continuing students.

Turning your small business, BIG!

Already running a small business? Unsure about GST, BAS statements and ATO audit risks? This course covers how your small business fits within the ATO system framework.

Trouble free driving, with basic car maintenance

Do you know what is under the hood of your car? This course will ensure your car runs smoothly and will teach you how to change a tire and maintain the health of your car.

This term, there are loads of fun and inspiring short courses available for you to do what you've always wanted to do. Take a look at what's on!

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