About this course

This introduction to the art of calligraphy will teach you basic calligraphy strokes for upper and lower case lettering, together with some ornamental flourishes. By the end of the course, you should be able to use your new found skills to create beautiful hand lettered cards and artworks.

Materials Required: o Please bring the following with you to class:
- 2B pencil
- 40cm ruler
- Eraser
- Sharpener
- A4 Notebook - blank 50gsm (Eckersley’s Bank Pad, 50gsm A4 size. 50 sheets acid free paper 210 x 297mm lightweight drawing and sketching paper recommended)
- Speedball Calligraphy flat edge nibs (C-2 & C-3) + nib holder
- Couple of medium jar lids
- Glass jar with a lid to store nibs
- Old toothbrush (for cleaning nibs)
- Card Cardboard card and envelope (needed at the 4th session)

o The following will be provided:
- Different colours of ink (only on the first week - you will need to provide your own for the remainder of the course)
- Different sizes of nibs for poster letters
- Exercise handouts

o Supplies available from:
- Eckersleys - Braddon and Phillip
- Hadfield Gallery - 53 Colbee Ct, Phillip ACT 2606
- Bespoke Framing - 8 Townsend Street, Phillip

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