About this course

Learn how to navigate your way confidently through the bewildering array of wine available today. This comprehensive course provides a basic overview of the wine industry, wine styles and the practical elements of enjoying fine wine.

Materials Required: PLEASE NOTE: there is an additional fee of $90 covering the wines tasted, payable directly to the course tutor on the first night.

Please bring a wine glass and tea towel to the course.
Due to COVID-19 the kitchen is unavailable. Please bring your own refreshments for the sessions.

Additional Information: WEEK ONE: An introduction to the wine industry; Glasses and glass styles; White wine - varieties, winemaking features
Tastings: Riesling and Classic White

WEEK TWO: Understanding "terroir" - climate, soil, water etc; local and international wine tourism; maturation processes including storage and cellaring
Tastings: Chardonnay, Semillon & Sauvignon Blanc

WEEK THREE: Matching Food and Wine; Restaurants and knowledge/service and customer expectations; investigating flavours and nuances
Tastings: Sparkling wines - white & red. Non-alcoholic wines & organic wines

WEEK FOUR: Wine faults and bad wine; Winery/cellar door experiences; Screw caps v corks
Tastings: Rose and Pinot Noir

WEEK FIVE: Marketing and advertising; popular styles of wines and emerging varieties; local wineries and their specialties
Tastings: Merlot and blends

WEEK SIX: Storage of wines and establishing a wine cellar; Wine and health - tips for buying wines
Tastings: Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and blends

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