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Living green with these 11 handy tips

07 Feb 2018

As consumers of the earth's resources, we must protect and conserve them so that future generations can enjoy it.

We can do that by living in an environmentally mindful way. A life such as this doesn't mean you have to go off the power grid and start living from the land or give up on those little luxuries like running the heater during winter. Rather it's about being aware of what resources you are consuming and being mindful of your waste and where it might end up.

What does it mean to live environmentally mindful?

It can mean different things to different people, but Short Courses by CIT Solutions think it's a way of living that attempts to reduce your imprint on the earth's natural resources, people resources and your personal resources.

By making a conscious effort to reduce your consumption and being mindful of the environment, you are playing your part in looking after our planet.

Here are a few tips to living an environmentally mindful way of life:

  1. Walk, bike ride or take public transport more and drive less.
  2. Turn off lights or power switches you are not using.
  3. Recycle bottles, cardboard, cans and paper.
  4. Donate good condition clothes and items to charity or re-purpose them.
  5. Start a compost bin in the garden for all your food scraps.
  6. Reduce your waste by reusing materials, produce or items where you can.
  7. Install a rainwater tank and be mindful of how much water you're flushing down the drain.
  8. Try DIY instead of store-bought merchandise.
  9. Plant a vegetable garden.
  10. Buy organic or locally sourced produce
  11. Practice being mindful of your environmental impact.

By adopting a few of these practices you can make a difference to the planet.

Short Courses by CIT Solutions offers many environmentally mindful courses that could help jump-start your goal of living sustainably:

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