By Short Courses Team

6 secrets to being cool, calm and collected when you're under pressure

24 Mar 2017

But wouldn't it be nice to remain cool, calm and collected when everything starts to spin out of control and you can't seem to get a grip on anything?

The secret to your Zen is out there, you just need to find the one that suits you best.

What is pressure? It could be...

  • when you feel forced or intimidated into doing something you'd rather not.
  • when you feel swamped by work or competing deadlines.
  • the high expectations you put on yourself to perform or it could be the expectations others put on you.
  • indecisiveness and needing time to make a suitable decision.
  • when your attention is needed in different places at once.

Pressure can be determined in many ways and it's entirely subjective, the one thing in common though is we've all felt it at one point or another in our lives.

We've done a bit of research to find the best secrets that might help you reach a state of cool, calm and collected under pressure.

  1. Take a pause. Just breathe. It's ok to take a minute or even an hour to gather yourself.
  2. Shut out the negative thoughts. Build a fortress in your mind where negative thoughts are refused entry.
  3. Identify your emotions. The only person who has power over your feelings, is you. Remember that. Therefore you have the ability to respond to a problem or issue the way you want to.
  4. Make a plan. Once you've established control over your emotions you're ready to make a plan of attack to solve or counter the issue at hand. The benefit of having a plan is grounding, if you have something tangible to hang onto you won't get carried away. It'll also help you to re-establish some kind of normalcy back to your life.
  5. Ask for help. You may want to gain a second opinion or simply just talk to someone. Talking out what you feel may be all you need to regain your calm and put things back into perspective.
  6. Execute the plan. If you are ready, it's time to execute your plan to reach your state of calm.

There are plenty of other solutions you could try like; exercise or meditation. Take a look at Meditation and Stress Management, Samyama Yoga for Body Alignment and Mental Relaxation or Tai Chi.

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