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What is IRAP - Do you have what it takes to become an IRAP Assessor?

01 Apr 2022

Expertise in cyber security is increasingly in-demand across today's digital working landscape. If you're an experienced cyber security professional, you may want to upskill or consolidate your experience with practical accreditation. Only those who are on top of their game can demonstrate the skills, knowledge and expertise needed to become an IRAP Assessor.

Are you an experienced ICT or cyber security professional? Well, this could be the program opportunity for you.

Keep reading to learn more about “what is IRAP” and other frequently asked questions about it, the Infosec Registered Assessor Program (IRAP).

So, what is IRAP?

IRAP is the Infosec Registered Assessor Program (IRAP) designed by and endorsed by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD). The IRAP Training Program was created for highly experienced cyber security professionals as the necessary training and examination process to become a reputable, ASD-certified IRAP Assessor.

ASD endorses cyber security professionals across Australia who have well-established careers in the industry. They use their IRAP certifications to provide high-quality and relevant security services. The ASD aims to secure systems and data across both the Australian Government and for broader industry usage through the IRAP endorsement program. The policy and training for IRAP were co-designed by ASD with the support of government and industry representatives.

What does an IRAP Assessor do?

Since December 2020, the program has ensured that public and private entities can access high-quality security assessment services. As cyber security and ICT experts, endorsed IRAP Assessors assist in providing security in-depth assessments for a range of technical systems. This includes assessments for ICT systems, cloud services, gateways, and more. By conducting independent assessments, IRAP Assessors can assist in securing systems and data effectively. They do this by identifying risks and suggesting improvements or mitigation measures to implement through the assessment process.

Who can become an IRAP Assessor?

If you have extensive experience in providing security services and ICT support, becoming an IRAP Assessor could be for you! It is particularly suitable for experienced professionals with cyber security assessment skills. However, not everyone can do the program. You need to have a lot of experience working in cyber security in Australia (more than 5 years), and a strong knowledge of ASD’s Information Security Manual as a starting point. Candidates should have the necessary pre-existing qualifications in ICT, risk management, and security assessment as well.

Some key things to know if it is for you:

  • Experienced ICT and security assessment professionals can apply to become an IRAP Assessor.
  • Only individuals can become IRAP endorsed.
  • Companies cannot become IRAP endorsed.
  • You must be an Australian citizen to apply for the program.

Becoming an IRAP Assessor is for skilled industry experts. See below for more eligibility details.

Why become an IRAP Assessor?

You must be at the top of your game to become an IRAP Assessor. Only experienced and appropriately qualified cyber security professionals can apply, and only selected elite candidates can complete the training and assessment process. However, it is an opportunity to upskill or consolidate your specialised cyber security assessment experience with formal accreditation.

Being an IRAP Assessor can set you apart from other cyber security professionals and give your company a competitive edge. It is an experienced, executive support level certification that enables individuals to provide quality assessments, which is highly sought after in Australian Government agencies. This accreditation can allow you to offer these services and be an asset within your company or department, while showcasing your experience and expertise as an industry leader.

By completing the IRAP training and assessment, you are able to join the elite IRAP alumni community across Australia as well.

How do I become an IRAP Assessor?

If you have sufficient industry experience and meet the eligibility requirements, you can apply online to become an IRAP Assessor through the ASD website. The essential IRAP Training Course is the training needed to become an ASD-endorsed IRAP Assessor. You must complete this 5-day training and pass the IRAP examination.

The IRAP Training Course assumes that learners have extensive experience in ICT, security assessments, and Australian Government ICT policy. The course explains how to use Information Security Manual (ISM) and Protective Security Policy Framework (PSPF) to conduct IRAP assessments, however learners should have an established understanding of these policies.


In order to apply to become an IRAP Assessor, firstly you need to:

  • be an Australian citizen
  • have at least 5 years of experience in technical ICT and security systems including possession of relevant certifications*
  • complete the IRAP Training Course
  • pass the IRAP Training Exam within 80% or higher score.

*For full details on eligibility, see the ASD website.

What can I expect from the IRAP Training Course?

CIT Solutions is proud to be among the approved national training providers for the IRAP Training Course, endorsed directly by ASD. Our training program is facilitated by our experienced cyber security trainer and runs regularly as in-person and online courses.

As an experienced training organisation, we use a blended training style to ensure high-quality education for our learners. Our facilitator Luke McGaghey has experience as an ICT professional and trainer, with experience providing security consultancy with the Australian Cyber Security Centre and for other government agencies.

Our program for IRAP features:

  • A range of well-structured workshop activities related to ISM and PSPF
  • Discussion of contextual security examples from real-life scenarios
  • Insightful group discussions with other experienced cyber security professionals
  • Guidance through essential policies and exam preparation from our industry-experienced ICT and security facilitator

Do you have what it takes? Apply now!

From cyber security consulting firms to Government ICT professionals, having an IRAP Assessor on your team gives your organisation an edge. Could you become an IRAP Assessor? If you’re on the top of your game with the right capabilities and expertise, become an IRAP-er to stand out as an elite ASD-endorsed assessor.

It’s technical and challenging, but certainly a worthwhile certification to have under your belt, if you are serious about your ICT career.

Ready? Apply for an upcoming program. Cyber security experts, sign up today:

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