By CIT Solutions staff

Learning by the Lake

11 Nov 2019

Over 80 Australian Public Service (APS) employees in our Progressive Managers Program (PMP) under PSP50116 Diploma of Government gathered for a day of social learning and networking at The Boathouse on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin on Wednesday 6 November.

The lakeside venue combined with the theme 'Creativity, Communication and Innovation' provided a befitting setting to listen and discuss transformational ideas and solutions with industry experts.


David Pembroke, Founder and CEO of contentgroup, delivered a keynote address on 'Relevance - The secret to being heard and understood in a crazy, busy world'.

He took our learners on an emotional journey to demonstrate the importance of being vulnerable, listening with empathy and enabling government communications. "Facts may validate a position but it is emotion that drives action", said Pembroke.

Prior to action, think deeply about bias. This notion was emphasised by Dr. Michelle Austin from Synergy Group Australia in her workshop on 'Unconscious bias in the Workplace'.

Austin advised learners to "Create a culture of calling out bias and having conversations about it".

The second-half of the day was hallmarked by creativity and visual communication.

Our PMP learners tried their hand at storyboarding workplace problems and/or situations with Experience Illustrator and Cartoonist, David Blumenstein. His 'Drawing for Story' workshop gave learners a cost and time-effective toolkit to effectively communicate with each other, at work and with the community.

Social learning is an important part of PMP. CIT Solutions' co-designed this accredited program with the Australian Government in 2018 and delivers it in three 'blocks' or 'chunks'.

Currently, 150 plus APS employees are enrolled in and benefitting from this holistic program.

PMP is CIT Solutions' Diploma of Government emboldened with 'progressive' concepts for the managers needed in Australian government today and tomorrow.

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