By Nathan Harradine-Hale

How to bring out the best in your team!

27 Mar 2019

There's no denying that managing and supervising a team is hard work! You're expected to achieve both personal and company goals while monitoring each individual's performance, amongst other daily tasks. But what if we told you that building a high performance team is really achievable?

Alistair Henderson, Vocational Education and Training Practitioner at CIT Solutions, believes that evolving your team into a high-performing one is an investment that takes time and effort:

"High performing teams do not happen by accident. They evolve over time, and require continued vigilance and shared commitment by leaders and members to maintain momentum and focus."

Alistair also explained some key areas to focus on to help your team:

"What sets a high-performing team apart from an average team is a clear sense of mission, passion to achieve great things together, complementary skills, mutual accountability, listening to stakeholders, learning from experience and continually challenging each other and team processes to become even better next time."

We've put together some quick tips to keep in mind when nurturing your team's talent:

BELIEVE in your team

All too often when teams are formed, managers fail to recognise each team member's strengths and weaknesses. Believing in your team is crucial to inspiring your team members' confidence, which helps to build up their work performance. If your team are motivated to come in and do the work, remarkable results destined to happen.

TRUST in your team!

Show your team – and your bosses – that you trust your team. Hand responsibilities over to them, and allow them resources and time to complete tasks. Building resilience within your team takes time and showing your support to them as their leader will help them to bring out the best version of themselves.

SUPPORT your team!

You're working with humans and humans make mistakes! If an employee has missed a deadline or is running late to a meeting, finding compassion with your response builds positivity within your team. We are not suggesting you avoid the issue; however, by keeping a positive attitude, even during a conflict, you'll create a safe and positive space for your team to do better.

It's time to take your team to the next level! CIT Solutions is running a 'High Performance Teams' workshop, coming up in July. Learn the tools and strategies as a supervisor to lead your team efficiently. Find out more and to enrol, click here.

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