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7 Short Courses to Start Your Small Business, STRONG!

20 Feb 2019

Starting any business is no small feat. Being able to run and maintain a sustainable one is just as challenging. Managing money, understanding your market and customers and growing a social media following are just some of the aspects to consider.

We caught up with Maximise Your Money tutor, Scott Malcolm about key small business start-up points to keep in mind:

"The biggest challenge we see with clients starting or running a small business is to ensure they are clear on their numbers. How much it personally costs to run their household budget has a direct connection into how much money or profit their business needs to achieve to make it sustainable"

Scott also explained you have to be passionate about your small business vision and set aside the time it takes to make it work.

"A lot of people get into small business due to a passion or a desire to free up or have more control over their time.  We often see that people underestimate the time required to manage their business and obligations"

What's more, having a social media footprint is incredibly important in the modern-age of small businesses, and can increase traffic to your business dramatically. Today's customers and clients expect businesses to be savvy on social media and rely on responsive and engaged business owners.

While it can all seem overwhelming, pursuing a business dream can be life-changing and incredibly worthwhile.

Whether you're thinking of starting a new business, buying something that’s already established or finally turning your side hustle into something commercially viable, these short courses will help start your small business… STRONG!

Small Business - Introduction

Owning a small business can be extremely rewarding, but at times, challenging. Whether you’re starting your own, or buying an existing one, you must be able to keep it on its feet. In this short course, tutor David Campbell, will cover how to establish your small business and all the nitty gritty details that come with it; including legal aspects and marketing your brand or product. This short course will also cover the all-important basics; from feasibility to finance, customer service and risk management.

Get Smarter About Running Your Small Business

This interactive short course is designed for those who already have their small business up and running but want to fine tune those often forgotten, but important, areas of your business. Topics covered include; business structure, tax deductions and obligations, bookkeeping, reporting and cash flow management. Over the duration of the course, learners will gain access to advice and teaching, both in-and-out of the classroom.

Maximise Your Money

We all work hard to earn the money in our pockets. But do many of us really know how to manage that money properly? Our lack of knowledge and understanding about money matters can be detrimental to our financial stability and success. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to get a better handle on your financial life, through demystifying the language of money including PAYG, super, equity and more.

Investment for Everyone

A major aspect of starting your small business is ensuring your own financial assets are secured. In this workshop, financial planner Scott Malcolm will unpack and uncover the investment markets, showing you how they work and adding some tips and traps for new investors looking at the share and property markets. Learn what drives them, and how easy it is to set up an account and get started with as little as $5 per week!

To savvy up your small business knowledge, enrol in one of the above Small Business short courses here.

Social Media for Business

Every business needs a social media presence. Whether you’re in a professional setting or a sole trader, getting the word out there about your business through images and social networking will help build and maintain an engaging audience. But where do you start? This workshop will help get you up to speed on what to do first with your social media channels. You’ll learn the basics of Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, and how analytics and a social media strategy will be beneficial to your business.

Instagram Workshop

One of, if not the most important social media network at the moment is Instagram. The platform allows you to interact with your audience directly, commenting and sharing posts, and also uploading behind the scenes Instagram stories about the day-to-day errands of your business. Through its Business settings, you can even sync it with your Facebook business page and run promotions on both networks. This workshop will run you through everything you need to know about the platform’s core tools, including custom grids, feed curation and building a following on your page.

WordPress Workshop

One of the easiest, most SEO friendly website platforms on the market is WordPress. This website builder allows you to customise your site with themes and plug-ins – without having to be a web developer – through its built-in management system. This workshop will run through the site’s free options, but also the more advanced tools for core web creation, content management, analytics and a myriad of little things that will save you time and frustration creating your site.

Feeling motivated? Enrol in one of our Social Media & Technology short courses to excel your small business.

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