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Does your job require you to conduct investigations?

Gain the mandatory qualification that meets the industry regulation standards required to become a regulatory compliance investigator.*

The PSP40416 Certificate IV in Government Investigations (Regulatory Compliance) is designed for staff working in a regulatory compliance role whether in the government or private sector as an employee or subcontractor. This program will not only develop your technical/operational skills, but importantly, develop your understanding of the Regulatory Compliance Framework. By the end of the program, you will have the knowledge and skills that will ensure your confidence and knowledge to conduct investigations and manage ‘non-compliance’ matters in a legally sound manner which will support organisation and businesses goals and objectives.

The program takes a four phased approach to learning and each phase builds on the previous. It’s designed to develop and offer you a more rounded and holistic view and skill set in the field of Regulatory Compliance.

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*Regulatory compliance applies to all organisations and businesses in relation to adherence to laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications relevant to its business to meet specific requirements. Violations of regulatory compliance regulations may result in fines, and or prosecution.


Course Information

Learning Outcomes

  • Plan, initiate and conduct an investigation
  • Interpreting legislation
  • Understand regulatory compliance frameworks
  • Assess compliance activities
  • Undertake inspections and monitoring
  • Receive and validate data
  • Identify and treat risk
  • Advanced communication strategies

Who should take this course

You must be employed in or engaged with legislative/ regulatory compliance/ enforcement or local investigations. Unsure whether this course is for you? Contact us to find out more.

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How is it delivered?

Facilitated Online Sessions and Self Online Learning

What participation is required?

This program consists of 7 facilitated training sessions. Approximately 3-5 hours of study time per week (in addition to 7 facilitated training sessions)

What is the cost?


  • What are the units of competency? View details

    A total of 15 units of competency are required for this qualification.

    • BSBWHS201 Contribute to health and safety of self and others
    • PSPETH002 Uphold the support the values and principles of public service
    • PSPGEN023 Deliver and monitor service to clients
    • PSPGEN032 Deal with conflict
    • PSPINV001 Plan and Initiate an investigation
    • PSPINV002 Conduct an investigation
    • PSPINV003 Finalise an investigation
    • PSPREG003 Apply regulatory powers
    • PSPREG004 Promote client compliance
    • PSPREG005 Assess Compliance
    • PSPREG008 Act on non-compliance
    • PSPREG012 Gather information through interviews
    • PSPREG013 Undertake inspections and monitoring
    • PSPREG015 Receive and validate data
    • PSPREV002 Undertake legislative decision making

Can this course be customised for my team?

Yes! Contact our Learner Experience team via our Contact Us page or email to discuss what you need.

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