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What is User Choice Funding (UCF)?

User Choice Funding is an Australian Government Apprenticeships initiative that provides partial funding for training to eligible individuals and groups. Unlike a study loan, you don’t have to repay the government for the cost of the study. It is an incentive that aims to give people equal opportunity to enhance their skills in key areas by reducing the out-of-pocket costs for that individual or their employer. In order to receive User Choice Funding, you must be signed up as a trainee on a Training Contract. Training Contracts in the ACT are managed by an Apprenticeship Network Provider: Sarina Russo Apprenticeships.

How does User Choice Funding work?

Apprenticeship Network Providers

Apprenticeship Network Providers (ANP) are contracted by the Australian Government to provide services for people wanting to access an Australian Apprenticeship career path. Sarina Russo Apprenticeships are the sole ANP for the ACT. When you submit your enrolment form, and apply for User Choice Funding, you will receive and email with User Choice Funding sign up documentation to complete. We will then send your completed documentation to Sarina Russo Apprenticeships, who will arrange a Training Contract sign up with you and your employer.

It is your responsibility to confirm that you meet the User Choice Funding eligibility requirements and ensure that you are signed-up to a User Choice Funding Training Contract with Sarina Russo Apprenticeships.

More information regarding Sarina Russo Apprenticeships can be found here.

Which CIT Solutions qualifications are eligible for UCF ?

Certificate IV Current learner contribution (fee after UCF subsidy) Full program fee
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Existing Worker: $895
New Worker: $895
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (Saturday Program) Existing Worker: $895
New Worker: $895

Please note: Advertised UCF prices are reviewed annually by the ACT Government and are subject to change without notice.

New Worker (NW) - Employed less than three months full-time or twelve months part-time/casual equivalent, up to the commencement date of the training contract. An individual converting from an ASbA or Australian Apprenticeship while attending school, to a post-school Australian Apprenticeship, will be considered a NW. An AA previously employed by a Group Training Organisation (GTO) and working for a host employer, now working directly for the host employer will also be considered a NW.

Existing Worker (EW) - Employed as a permanent or casual employee for more than three months full-time or twelve months pat-time prior to the commencement date of the training contract, in a qualification where funding for existing workers is available in the ACT Qualifications Register.

Am I eligible for UCF?

To be eligible for an ACT User Choice Funding (UCF) Training Contract you must:

  • Be at least 15 years-of-age.
  • Work in the ACT - full-time or part-time for a minimum of 15 hours per week.
    • You cannot be a casual employee
    • You cannot be self-employed
    • If you are a non-ongoing employee (contractor) your employment contract must cover the nominal User Choice Funding Training Contract length which is 2 years from the commencement of your training program with CIT Solutions.
  • Be an Australian citizen, permanent resident or a New Zealand passport holder who has been a resident in Australia for more than 6 months.
  • Hold a visa that is identified as being eligible (See page 7 of the ACT Requirements for Apprenticeship Network Providers).
  • Be applying for a qualification in a field that you are employed in, and are able to apply and demonstrate the learning in your role.
  • Not have completed the same qualification previously.
  • Not already be signed up under another current and active UCF Training Contract or other subsidy schemes with Skilled Capital.
  • Not be directly employed by the ACT or Australian Government.

Responsibilities of you and your employer

You need to have the support of your employer/supervisor to undertake your training with User Choice Funding. We suggest you provide them with this flyer for further information about the funding.

  • Your employer/supervisor must support you to attend the training sessions and allow you time to complete your out of class work. This should be considered normal working hours.
  • You and your supervisor/employer must sign a User Choice Funding Training Contract. Sarina Russo Apprenticeships will contact you to arrange this.
  • You and your supervisor/employer must sign a User Choice Funding Training Plan. CIT Solutions will contact you to arrange this once your Training Contract has been completed.
  • You will need to have access to appropriate supervision while undertaking your study (for example supervised by someone who holds the qualification or has equivalent experience).

During your training you must:

  • Attend all training days.
  • Complete all required assessment activities.
  • Keep CIT Solutions informed of any changes to your employer or supervisor details.
  • Keep CIT Solutions informed of any changes to your current circumstances and if you need support in completing the program.

Have any questions about User Choice Funding?

Our team are happy to answer any questions you have regarding User Choice Funding and any of our programs.

Contact us on (02) 6207 4444 or email us at citsol@cit.edu.au

For more information on Australian Apprenticeships, see the National Code of Good Practice for Australian Apprenticeships.

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