By Katherine Ryan

Use this technique to create new ideas quickly

05 Feb 2017

Thinking can be a tiring activity especially when you’re trying to learn something new, come up with a new concept or solve a tricky problem.

Wouldn’t it be good to know a simple technique that would help us realise that solution sooner and not burn ourselves out over it?

It’s called the Ping Pong Technique (of the theoretical kind) and it’s essentially switching the way we learn and think between a focused and diffused state of mind.

Focused thinking is weighing up all the facts of a problem then concentrating really hard on coming up with a practical solution to solve it.

This type of thinking gets results but can leave you mentally exhausted.

Take getting over a 7-foot brick wall for example:  we need to get to the other side quickly but we cannot go over the wall or through it, how are we going to solve this problem with the current resources available.

Diffused thinking is allowing your mind to wonder with no restrictions or a plan to solve the problem.

Using the 7-foot brick wall again for an example: with little restrictions, you can dream about all the ways imaginable to get over the wall.

This type of thinking gets results too but can be time-consuming and distracting.

To truly capitalise on your problem-solving ability, playing Ping Pong between the two thinking methods can help you come up with creative yet practical solutions without exhausting your brain.

By using this technique your brain connects all the facts with your creativity, giving you a deeper understanding and finding better-suited solutions to your problem.

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