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Simple Mindfulness with Tenpa

29 Jul 2019

Researchers tell us that mindfulness on its own is simply a present moment of non-judgemental awareness. When I sit in the present moment, I try to become aware of my many judgements.

As we grow in awareness, we learn to be mindful of our surroundings and of our thoughts and feelings. We recognise that all things change and we become a little more adaptable when new and unforeseen challenges arise.

Regular meditation can assist a mindfulness practice.

When we learn to build a foundation of moments with intention and dedication, we eventually connect into a thread of awareness, and with time, this thread deepens and a pool of clarity and peace is revealed within. Sometimes it is just a glimpse while at other times it is a place we can constantly return to when the busy-ness of our mind feels overwhelming.

What truly begins to bring us tranquillity is the wish to bring kindness and compassion into our lives. The quality of our awareness has a kindness in it, a gentleness and empathy that is directed towards not only ourselves but also toward our loved ones and all the people we do not know.

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