By Short Courses Team

Our Top Mothers Day Gift Ideas

10 May 2017

Mother's Day is an official day dedicated to celebrating those special ladies in our lives that bring us so much love and joy.

They are our carers, our shoulder to cry on, a pillar of strength, our encourages and our best friends.

Sometimes, no gift can truly sum up what these women mean to us so why not give her the chance to learn a skill that could last a lifetime?

We aren't talking flowers, chocolates or High Tea at the Hyatt we are talking skills, like learning a new language that will stay with your mum for life.

Here are our top 5 Mother's Day gift ideas

Bonsai Clinic: In this short course, your mum will learn how to create and care for Bonsai. She'll discover how easy it is to grow these beautiful living sculptures.

Make your own Beeswax Wraps: Is you mum environmentally friendly? In this one day short course, she'll learn how to make her own beeswax food wraps. Beeswax wraps are a great alternative to plastic wrap and can help keep your food fresh.

Cake decorating: Does your mum love to bake? Then she will love our cake decorating short course. She'll learn the skills to decorate and embellish her cakes with creative flair.

Make your own Kokedama: Has your mum got an interest in living decor? In this short course, she'll learn how to create the latest living decor trend, Japanese moss balls! This course is so fun and hands-on. For more information, click here.

Fermenting and Pickling: Who knew pickling onions would be so easy. In this short course, your mum will learn how to ferment and pickle all sorts of vegetables.

Give her an experience she'll love this Mother's Day and show her how much she means to you.

Our list of affordable recreational short courses is full to the brim with exciting and fun skills your mum will love. Browse our full list here. Each course is delivered by one of our passionate and experienced tutors so your mum will be in good hands. We also deliver these courses from convenient locations around the Canberra region so your mum you won't have to travel far.

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