By Katherine Ryan

How to get your PD application approved, fast!

21 May 2017

PD can offer many advantages such as learning a new skill or refreshing an old one, whatever you’re looking though, there a professional workshop out there to help you achieve it.

We’ve asked People and Culture Manager at CIT Solutions, Amanda Ratas, what the benefits of completing PD are.

"The benefits of developing yourself either professionally or personally are endless.  Employees should undertake development activities to stay current in their role and industry, learn new skills and ideas and most importantly, stay motivated and engaged."

"External PD can offer networking opportunities with like-minded people and can be a great opportunity to learn new perspectives. Internal development opportunities are great for growing employees capability from within the organisation on specific capability sets relevant to the sector."

In some professions, it’s mandatory to keep your skills up to date. These professions include law, nursing and teaching. But in other professions, it’s up to the employee to maintain their skills and stay competitive.

The tricky part is getting your superiors to approve your PD application. We may know how great PD is for our capability growth but how do we make the boss understand that?

Here are 3 simple to follow tips to help you get your PD application approved, fast.

1. Do your research and find the best value training product. Things to consider:

  • Is the course you want available?
  • Is the training provider well established?
  • Does the start date suit you?
  • Do the subjects suit what you’re looking for?
  • Do the delivery modes suit your work and life commitments?
  • Do you consider the course value for money?

2. Focus on the big picture when you’re presenting your pitch or PD application to get the bosses’ by in. It’s not just about you gaining extra knowledge; it’s about how you can bring those skills back to benefit the entire company. You could point out:

  • My new skills will improve business.
  • I’ll stay competitive and utilise relevant industry tactics.
  • I’ll gain new perspectives on the industry/sector.
  • Network opportunities with potential clients and employees.
  • This PD will help me meet my Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) identified in my performance appraisal.
  • I will be able to pass on my new skills to other employees.

3. Fill in your application

  • Enquire about your chosen course with the training provider. Can the training provider contextualise the program to suit your job?
  • Can your colleagues benefit from doing the course you’re interested in?
  • Does the training provider offer Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)? RPL is a great way to fast-track gaining your qualification.

If you really want to go the extra mile let your boss know you’ll present your new found knowledge in a presentation to the team or a written report.

With these tips, you’ll be on your way to gaining new skills or refreshing your current skills in no time.

CIT Solutions offers nationally accredited and non-accredited professional development opportunities in government specific and business specific subject areas. With the support of Canberra Institute of Technology, CIT Solutions is a trusted and recommended Australian training provider. Browse our nationally accredited courses. Browse our non-accredited professional workshops.

CIT Solutions is able to contextualise training for groups of eight or more and offers flexible delivery options. For more information, contact us today on +61 2 6207 4444 or email.

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