By CIT Solutions staff

How to 'Be a Safety Champion'?

11 Oct 2019

You may already have workplace health and safety policies and measures in place. But do your employees understand and embed them in their practice? The success of any government policy or strategy is dependent on its execution. To quote Prime Minister the Hon. Scott Morrison MP from his speech to the Australian Public Service (APS) at Parliament House on 19 August 2019 – "It's about the implementation".

The National Safe Work Month is a great opportunity to invest in your workforce capability and development.

No one understands this better than we do.

"You can make a positive change to Work Health and Safety (WHS) in your workplace by sharing your ideas and being a safety champion", says Nadine O'Brien, our Human Resources Business Partner and WHS Representative.

CIT Solutions has been providing training in work health, safety and risk through a range of professional workshops and nationally recognised qualifications.

Our trainers have years of experience and expertise in these fields. They can equip employees with the right skills and knowledge to champion this cause and protect your organisation in times of distress and disaster.

Amanda Ratas, WHS Representative and Mental Health First Aid Officer at CIT Solutions says, "WHS is everyone's responsibility. We all have an obligation to prevent injury to ourselves and others by managing risk and identifying hazards – these can be physical or psychological".

Let us help your employees to:

Instilling and supporting a culture of health and safety in the Australian working community is omnipresent. Anyone and everyone can contribute to this national effort.

We can all strive to Be a Safety Champion at work this October

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