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Expert tips to take your small business management skills from good to great

16 May 2018

If you are running your own small business you would know all about those rewards and challenges. You'd also know it can be hard taking time away from the business to work on your business management skills.

We've got good news, Short Courses by CIT Solutions can help!

We caught up with Get Smarter about Running your Small Business short course tutor, Jane Hadrill to chat about how to take your small business management skills from good to great.

As a business owner, Jane has learnt a great deal about owning and operating a business. She's also really passionate about sharing her knowledge and tips with others so they too can reach success.

"Owners must get their head around their bookkeeping and financials before they decide to outsource it. They really need to have a thorough understanding of what's coming in and where it's going out."

"If you struggle to understand what your small business finances mean, I can teach you! I've got a knack for explaining complex ideas in simple terms and making sure everyone's on the same page."

"I've owned my own accountancy business for over 10 years so I know for a business to thrive, owners need the right tools to help them look forward and make the best decisions."

"I also understand that it can be tricky for owners to step away from the business to plan, forecast, and even attend a short course, but making time for it is critical to business success."

Get Smarter about Running your Small Business is designed to teach business owners how they can take their business management skills from good to great. Jane will take learners through how to interpret all things financial, the ins and outs of the Australian tax system and how they can maximise their tax deductions.

"Whether you are just starting out, have on online or bricks and mortar business, my short course will suit your needs."

Jane recommends these tips to enhance your small business:

  • Don't rush into purchases or go big too fast.
  • Don't outsource your bookkeeping until you have your head around it yourself.
  • It's important to be on top of your financials just as much as it is your products/ services.
  • Take the time to fine-tune the direction you want your business to go in.
  • Build a relationship with your stakeholders; they are your customers and providers.

Get Smarter about Running your Small Business covers topics such as: business structure, tax deductions and obligations, bookkeeping, monthly reporting, cash flow management, how to manage staff and business challenges, and how to find a good accountant. Over the duration of the course, learners will gain access to Jane's advice and teaching in and out of the classroom.

If you'd like more information about the short course and to book your place, visit our website.

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