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Celebrating Higher Education Day 2022 with skills for life

06 Jun 2022

As a passionate advocate for higher education (particularly Vocational Education and Training), our General Manager Catherine Ng has more than two decades of experience working in the Australian and international tertiary education system. She is a globally recognised education business leader who has worked in private and public education, start-ups, publicly listed and government-owned enterprises. Throughout her career, Catherine has provided strategic advice and support to key stakeholders in the VET, international, higher education and EdTech sectors. Before joining CIT Solutions, Catherine held a breadth of executive roles with LCI Education Network, Quad Learning Inc, Navitas Limited, Box Hill Institute, Victoria University and William Angliss Institute.

In 2022, Catherine is on a mission to equip students with the skills they need for emerging jobs in the 21st century and to deliver employers job-ready graduates. She believes in the power of higher education and the doors that professional development can open for our learners. Each year we have hundreds of graduates completing our nationally recognised programs. Here's what Catherine has to say about the benefits of higher education:

"Education not only equips a person with the skills for work but also for life. You will learn to use logic when making decisions and interacting with others. In addition to critical thinking and emotional intelligence, you will learn 'how to learn' to meet unforeseen challenges in the fast-changing world. I believe education transforms lives and helps you become valuable members of society."

- Catherine Ng, General Manager, CIT Solutions

This month, Catherine will be representing CIT Solutions at the Singapore International Technical & Professional Education & Training Conference 2022. She is looking forward to discussing her insights on challenges and growth opportunities in the Australian Technical and Further Education (TAFE) sector at the event during in her presentation on "Transforming the Australian Vocational Education and Training Sector for the 21st Century: What Now and What Next".

Stay tuned for more from Catherine!

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Happy Higher Education Day!

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