By Katherine Ryan

Case Study: UnitingCare Australia’s Project Management Fundamentals Professional Workshop

27 Jan 2017

UnitingCare Australia works with and on behalf of the UnitingCare Network to advocate for policies and programs that will improve people’s quality of life.

Group size:

12 staff


Project Management Fundamentals professional workshop (1 day)


UnitingCare Australia approached CIT Solutions with a problem, their staff were at different capability levels in various project management software applications and this was leading to inconsistency and inefficiency when reporting on projects.

CIT Solutions was tasked with the objective to level out UnitingCare Australia’s project management knowledge and practical ability.  Further, staff wanted to improve their transparency and accountability when reporting on the organisation’s various projects.

UnitingCare Australia also required the short course to be adapted to each staff member, regardless of their area of work or their prior skills and training in project management.


Consultation between CIT Solutions and UnitingCare Australia took place prior to training delivery. The discussion was focussed on establishing business needs and expectations and presenting solutions to meet learner needs.

CIT Solutions adapted the Project Management Fundamentals professional workshop to suit employee’s needs and capability.

"The course was well targeted and made relevant to the work I do in my organisation." - Learner feedback


The training delivered by CIT Solutions was in a face-to-face learning environment and tailored to the design and implementation of programs specific to UnitingCare Australia.

"The face-to-face learning style was ideal for our needs. The learning materials were also clear and concise and will be a useful tool back in the office. " - Learner feedback

The facilitator involved all learners in conversation and paced the training to suit all learners’ ability. The learners were also able to take-home resources that will ensure the training will be utilised in projects going forward.

"The facilitator was very effective in involving all staff members in the conversation, and the training was well-paced to ensure that all staff were competent in key concepts and ideas prior to new themes being covered." - Learner feedback

"We found the day very helpful and interesting. The training was very effective in bringing all staff up to the same skill level." Learner feedback

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