By Katherine Ryan

5 steps to discover your life long learning

14 May 2018

Step 1. Decide when you want to learn

There are so many opportunities to learn in Australia, from formal education right through to community learning, and you can begin your education at virtually anytime that suits you. Having the choice to learn when and how you want it empowering and allows you to set your own goals. You are in complete control of your decisions and capability.

Step 2. Decide what you want to learn

What are you interested in? Honing in on your passions and interests can be a great way of discovering what you'd like to do next. Maybe you'd like to dig deeper on a particular subject? Or maybe try something completely new? Perhaps there is a particular skill that will help you at work or something to aid your personal growth?

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Step 3. Decide what course suits your learning needs and interests best

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding what course is right for you and what provider you want to invest in. To narrow it down we've listed the top three questions to ask yourself before you enrol:

  1. Is the course of a quality standard?
  2. Does the course explore things I am interested in?
  3. Can I trust the training provider offering the course? Have they got a good reputation?

Step 4. Enrol

This can be done online, over the phone, via hard copy application or other means which will depend on the provider running the course.

Step 5. Prepare for takeoff!

First and foremost, learning should be fun and enjoyable. However, it can be challenging all at the same time, especially if you haven't done any study in a while. To make it easier for yourself, make sure you go into it with all the preparation you need.

Do you need to purchase any equipment before starting the course? Is there any prior reading that would give your confidence a boost? Finding out these things before you start the course can help to make your journey a little smoother.

Did you know?

Adult learners are more likely to retain new information because they have chosen what to learn?

Enriching your learning experience

Remember you are a valuable resource because you bring the richness and diversity of your life everywhere you go. When you embark on your learning journey, don't forget to draw upon your existing knowledge and life experience, it may just enrich your learning experience.

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