By Short Courses Team

5 reasons why you should do what you've always wanted to do

10 Apr 2017

Have you always wanted to get better at sewing? Or learn how to make a soup from scratch?

Perhaps you've always wanted to but you just don't have the time to spare. Life is busy and taking time out for yourself is often a no can do.

Stop right there, it's time for you time. Seriously!

After significant investigation, we have discovered that taking time out for you and doing what you've always wanted to do is critical to overall happiness, healthiness and productivity.

Did you know Short Courses by CIT Solutions offers and run courses in over 20 convenient locations around the Canberra Region? So there will be something close to you, we guarantee it.

We offer a range of flexible course options, from full-day workshops to courses that run a few hours a week to courses on weekends so there is bound to be a course that will suit your schedule.

Ready to try something new? Browse through our courses in the following categories: arts and creative, personal and work skills, home, garden and garage, language and writing, food, health and recreation.

Here are our 5 research-backed reasons why you should take time out for you

  1. Recharge. After a busy morning getting ready for work or getting the kids ready for school it's easy to feel frazzled. 5 minutes with just you and your tea, coffee or whole pressed juice is all you need to take a breath, relax the shoulders and prep for your next task. We are sure this will help you feel more recharged and ready for anything.
  2. Learn about yourself. When it's just you and your thoughts you'll actually have time to listen to how you feel. That will not only help you sort out how to respond to different situations but it will help you to understand and get to know yourself better.
  3. Relax. Relaxation is something we all don't get enough of, but when you do have time to relax you are bound to be happier afterwards and ready to be more productive.
  4. Positivity. When you take time out for yourself, your happiness will almost be instantaneous. When you are happy you naturally have a positive outlook on life and your tasks.
  5. Isn't it what you've always wanted to do?

You know what though, you don't have to do it alone. Taking time out for you could involve bringing along your partner, parents or friends and share the experience together.

This semester, there are loads of fun, inspiring and interesting short courses available for you to do what you've always wanted to do. Take a look at what's on.

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