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5 basics that could turn your photos from good to great

23 Jan 2017

Most digital cameras these days are sophisticated enough to point and shoot in 'auto mode' and give you reasonably good results but are you wanting to go the extra step and get great results?
Maybe you're wanting to turn your hobby into something more but you need to learn a few of the basics first.

Digital photography for beginners short course may be right up your alley. This beginner course will teach you in one day everything you need to know to dramatically improve your photos. During the course, you'll learn how to use your cameras controls, develop basic photography skills,  composition and importing and managing your image files.

We've just jotted down 5 reasons why you might want to consider learning how to use your digital camera and capture all those precious moments better.

1. Out of focus

Accidentally focused on the wrong object in your photo? How about not enough focus?

2. Overexposed

You're shooting in the afternoon. The lighting in your scene is either too bright or dark for your camera to balance the exposure it needs to capture a clear impression.

3. Colour balance

You're taking a photo of nature or the outdoors and the camera is misreading the various colours in the scene.

4. Blurring

You're at the raceway and you want to take a photo of the racing bikes. Your object is moving too quickly for the camera to capture a clear impression.

5. Framing

The objects in your photo are not balanced and not capturing what your eye can see.

These problems are simple to correct and with a little bit of guidance, your photos will be looking like the ones below.

For more information about Digital Photography for Beginners or to see our full range of courses, visit our website.

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