About this course

Records are valuable and assets to any organisation. During this half day workshop you will learn your legislative responsibility in relation to records management. You will gain a high-level overview of the purpose, concepts and activities of managing records appropriately.

Additional Information: Key Topics:
This course will cover:
- your individual and organisational responsibilities in relation to records management
- the support provided to you, both legislatively and by your organisation
- the compliance requirements your organisation is required to follow
- the ramifications of non-compliance
- the importance of good, solid record management

To provide you with information on all the aspects outlined above, you will receive clear explanations of the records management process and how it applies to both your organisation and yourself as an individual.

Explain: The basic process of record management will be explained to you. This will include how and why you are required to undertake this process. Real-life examples will be provided, including the impact to organisations after the devastating 2003 fires and their subsequent loss of complete record management systems. How record management is affected by our high-technology based society – and how the ACT Public Service keeps up with these advances. The implications of legislation and compliance in relation to record management in today’s public service

Analysis: Group-based discussion, scenarios and real-life examples will be analysed.

Active learning: Wherever possible, personal experiences will be addressed against the information gleaned during the course, so that practical experience may be gained for application in the work place.

Summary: You will receive a practical and useful insight into the art of record management. To support this, you will receive copies of record management policy, guidance and legislation as reference for future application in the work place.

Learning Outcomes:
By the end of the course you will have an understanding of:
- fundamental record keeping requirements of the ACT Public Service
- legislative requirements as they apply to you and your work place
- key elements of record management as they apply to every day work scenarios
- the role the Territory Administrative Record Disposal Schedule (TARDiS) plays
- information relating to how your own personal record is managed
- the implications of Freedom of Information; Territory Records Act; Privacy Act and other legislation as it applies to record management
- the fundamentals of the record management process including a brief overview of how Territory record management fits with the national process
- record management as it applies to you; your role and responsibility in this regard

You will be given short scenario-based exercises to consolidate your learning, and provided with a record management example that relates to you as an individual – the purpose of this is to reconfirm how vital it is that records be managed and handled both respectfully and professionally.

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