About this course

Change is something that excites people who love opportunities for growth, learning about new things, or like to shift the status quo. Some changes, however, are harder to adjust to and lead to expressions of resistance and anger. This workshop will teach you the steps to make change more palatable by understanding peoples hesitation, enlisting the help of others, setting up plans, and managing stressors.

Additional Information: Key Topics:
The key topics for this course are:
- Introduction to organisational change – its nature and characteristics
- Common barriers to change
- Change methodologies – an overview
- Kotter’s eight step process for achieving organisational change
- Breaking down barriers to change

The course provides participants with an introduction to the science of change management, including an overview of orthodox methodologies. It provides scope for participant contributions, but focuses on the highly regarded eight step process for change management developed by Doctor John Kotter.

The course also uses several case studies to illustrate practical ways in which barriers to change can be overcome. This balance of change management theory and practical application provides participants with knowledge and skills they can apply with immediate effect in their workplace.

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of this course you will be able to:
- Assess the likely success of a change initiative in your organisation.
- Develop a change management plan
- Implement a change management plan
- Identify likely barriers to change in your organisation, and devise strategies to overcome them.

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