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This diverse program will assist learners in developing the core skills necessary for all public servants. The program focuses on how Government functions, the impact of legislation and policy on work priorities and the values that guide behavior in the workplace.

Learners will develop practical skills such as writing for government, communicating effectively and the basics of workplace planning. Learners will also come to understand their own development needs how to use conflict resolution in the workplace and will engage with team-based assessment approaches in order to build confidence in their workplace capabilities.


Course Information

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain your contribution to the public service
  • Work with diversity and build strong work relationships
  • Comply with relevant legislation and policies
  • Promote a healthy and safe work environment
  • Develop strong communications skills to write effectively, participate well in meetings and present to others
  • Behave professionally and manage diverse workplace demands
  • Develop solutions to challenging problems and contribute to decision making
  • Identify your strengths in order to develop your career focus
  • Develop the skills to engage effectively with internal and external stakeholders

Who should take this course

You must be working (or contracted to work) in a relevant public sector agency to enrol in this course.

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How is it delivered?

Blended (Facilitated Sessions and Self Online Learning) and Recognition of Prior Learning

What participation is required?

There are nine(9) facilitated training sessions and three (3) assessment workshop days. The program is made up of several components including online learning and assessment modules, facilitated training sessions and group based interactive activities. There may be a requirement for some reading prior to attending the facilitated sessions. In many instances, assessments are started and completed in session. Consequently, attendance at all sessions is essential.

What is the cost?


  • What are the units of competency? View details
    • BSBCRT201 Develop and apply thinking and problem solving skills
    • BSBPMG430 Undertake project work
    • BSBWHS311 Assist with maintaining workplace safety
    • PSPGEN086 Undertake career planning
    • PSPGEN090 Engage with stakeholders
    • PSPGEN098 Deal with conflict
    • PSPGEN111 Apply government processes
    • PSPGEN114 Work effectively with diversity and inclusion
    • PSPGEN140 Use advanced workplace communication strategies
    • PSPGEN141 Compose complex workplace documents
    • PSPGEN148 Develop internal and external networks
    • PSPETH006 Uphold the values and principles of public service
    • PSPLEG006 Encourage compliance with legislation in the public sector
    • PSPPCY014 Support policy implementation
    • PSPPCY015 Implement e-correspondence policies.
  • How is the course assessed? View details

    Assessment is contingent on access to specific work practices so as to demonstrate the particular competencies required.

Can this course be customised for my team?

Yes! Contact our Learner Experience team via our Contact Us page or email to discuss what you need.

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