About this course

Briefs impart information to an individual and often assist in the decision-making process. An ability to write clear and concise briefs is an important skill in government, and this one day workshop will harness your natural ability to write dynamic briefs. *Writing for Government (Briefs) is part two of four for the Writing for Government suite.

Additional Information: Key Topics:
The key topics for Writing for Government (Briefs) are:
- Understanding purpose and strategic context
- Identifying the needs of the reader
- Planning and developing content
- Using government style and writing conventions in briefs
- Writing briefs and talking points
- Refining the content and logic of briefs.

This course is a practical workshop, which focuses on active learning though discussion, activities, case studies and critical thinking. The first session focuses on the briefing process, context and the needs of the reader. You will then be guided through a case study to develop skills in planning and writing the content of briefs and talking points. Later, you will review examples of briefs to analyse fitness for purpose and correct common errors that occur in briefs.

The course uses a workbook with tips and techniques for improving your writing. The workbook includes a briefing checklist that will be useful when you are writing and reviewing briefs in your workplace.

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of this course you will be able to:
- describe the process for writing briefs
- identify types of briefs and the information typically contained in briefs
- apply government writing conventions
- use thinking tools to identify and evaluate information
- plan and write structured briefs
- refine briefs and correct common errors in content, structure and language.

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