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Unconscious bias is the ‘bias you have when you don’t know you have a bias’. It is powerful and prevalent in all people and cultures, and can work against an objective understanding and acceptance of others whom we may unconsciously/unthinkingly perceive as ‘different to ourselves’. This ‘unconscious bias’ may arise on the basis of race, gender, ideology, belief or any other factor of perceived ‘difference’ between ourselves and another person or group. The practical effect of this is that people can be ‘unconsciously’ discriminated against in employment, provision of services or social or workplace inclusion because of this phenomenon; by its nature it is either not recognised or, at best, not acknowledged by those imposing their bias on others. Accordingly this half-day course is designed to raise awareness of these issues and explore ways of surfacing unconscious bias. This is so we can recognise when it may be occurring and put personal and organisational strategies in place to reduce its prevalence and impact. This is particularly important in decisions and behaviours that impact on our relationships and interactions with other people, whether colleagues, clients or stakeholders.

Additional Information: Key Topics:
The key topics for this half-day course are:
- Exploring the concept and definition of unconscious bias
- Negative effects of not recognising and addressing unconscious bias
- Becoming aware of our own unconscious biases
- Putting strategies in place to avoid or overcome unconscious bias

This course is an interactive forum, and it is expected that you will feel free (but not compelled) to share your experiences and views. You are encouraged to ask critical questions, as the course is designed to empower you with the confidence and clarity to recognise and minimise your own unconscious bias and encourage and support others in doing likewise.

Learning Outcomes:'
At the end of this course you will be able to:
- Define what unconscious bias is, how it operates and its effects on workplaces, relationships and service delivery to the community
- Recognise and work to minimise your own unconscious bias
- Work with others to pin-point where unconscious bias may be occurring in the workplace and work to eliminate it.

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