About this course

Customer service starts with listening to the customer and finding out what their needs are, then working with them to achieve their goals. As service providers, you have the power to create a trusting, caring, and customer responsive environment. This workshop will help you to understand the importance of meeting the needs and expectations of your internal and external customers.

Additional Information: Key Topics:
During the program, several topics will be addressed including:
- The characteristics of efficient service delivery
- Internal and external customer service standards
- Measuring customer service performance
- Communicating with customers
- Resolving customer issues

Each subject area will be presented and explained by the facilitator before participants break into small groups in order to analyse challenging customer service scenarios. All learning activities will be debriefed and summarised to reinforce the key points and actions.

Learning Outcomes:
The workshop will help you to:
- Explain your customer service offering
- Understand what makes for an excellent customer experience
- Describe the importance of exceptional customer experience to you, your team and your organisation
- Identify service standards and measures of performance excellence
- Utilise sources and methods for eliciting useful feedback
- Identify and seize opportunities to implement improvements
- Understand customer “touch points” and the cycle of service
- Communicate effectively so as to understand your customer’s needs and resolve issues

You will take away a checklist and draft plan for implementing workplace improvements. This will enable you (and your team) to apply your learning in the workplace.

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