About this course

Don't dump those outdated or unflattering clothes into landfill. This class will show you how you can convert your unworn or vintage clothes into completely new outfits. Good basic sewing skills essential.

Materials Required: For WEEK 1 please bring a simple plain or patterned cotton t-shirt (NOT cropped or fitted). An old one is fine as you'll be using it for a design exercise. You'll also need your sewing kit (including scissors and pins) and a pencil and note pad to sketch ideas. This first class will focus on planning, cutting and pinning. From WEEK 2 you’ll need your sewing machine and any old garments that you wish to work on (you may like to practice on second hand clothes from a charity shop).

Additional Information: Catherine Thurston is a fashion designer and textile artist with over 20 years’ experience. Prior to coming to Canberra she ran her own bridal design business.

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