About this course

The workshop includes both theory and practical (hands on) work with bees in bee hives and is specifically designed to answer the queries and questions for those people who have or are considering the purchase of a Flow Hive but have little or no experience in beekeeping.

Materials Required: Please wear long pants, jeans or trousers, enclosed shoes and socks and a long sleeve shirt with collar. Clothes must be non woolly & non dark coloured as bees react badly to dark, textured clothing. All beekeeping tools & protective clothing will be supplied on each day.

Location information will be emailed to you once you have enrolled.

Additional Information: The theory component of the workshop will cover an introduction to beekeeping, bee biology - what you need to know so you can make informed decisions and the relationship between flowers and honeybees

Practical sessions will cover topics including:
- Assembling your hive
- Installing bees into your hive, lighting a smoker and hive inspections
- Honeybee pest & disease control, swarm prevention and recovery, harvesting honey & bees wax
- Keeping bees responsibly; the ACT & NSW Apiary Code of Practice & hive registration
- The Flow Hive, how to use it and how to get your bees to use it effectively

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