Invest in yourself! Do you need to rapidly build skills in a specific business area? Browse through our suite of short professional workshops, with most being delivered in a single full- or half-day session. We all face unique challenges at work and often the best way to understand them is to face them. Whether you’re looking to manage a team or build new skills and confidence to make you more efficient, professional development can give you the edge.


Branch out! What’s the one hobby you’ve always wanted to take up? Perhaps it’s a new interest in Italian cooking? Maybe learning to speak French or Japanese? Or reconnecting with a passion for photography from years ago? Whatever stage you’re at, our tutors are dedicated to their craft, and ready to share that experience with you. So if you have a couple of hours, a weekend, or even a few evenings to spare, we have something enriching, fun or interesting for you to do with them!

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