Language training for your organisation

At CIT Solutions’ Centre for Language and Cultural Training, we have a network of 150 dedicated tutors that teach in over 50 languages. Our training services are designed to give your people the practical language skills they need for their new country, whether that’s learning the basics of conversation or advanced training in negotiation.

We’ll create a tailored training package for your group or for an individual who needs one-on-one learning. We are based in Canberra, but our technology means we can provide ongoing training and support, no matter where in the world your people are located.

In addition to learning a language, an understanding of culture is equally important. This is an integral component of our language programs; or where necessary can be provided as a separate program. Our cultural awareness training will deepen your staff’s understanding of a new context, and prepare them to engage confidently and professionally as ambassadors for your organisation.

We also offer Language Aptitude Testing to give you the assurance that your investment in a language learner is based on their ability to meet the outcomes you require. We also have the ability to provide Language Proficiency Testing for Commonwealth Government employees, against the Australian Foreign Service Proficiency Ratings Scale.

No matter where your staff are travelling, we can provide the language skills they need

We offer training in over 50 languages including:

  •   Indonesian
  •   Mandarin
  •   Arabic
  •   French
  •   Japanese
  •   Thai
  •   Spanish
  •   Vietnamese
  •   Korean
  •   Tok Pisin

Why CIT Solutions?

Immersive language and culture training tailored to your profession

Over 150 experienced tutors in 50+ languages

We create and customise courses specific to your needs

Rigorous underpinning in LOTE learning

Experienced in teaching languages to diplomats, government officials and professionals

Testing and accreditation options available


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