About this course

Gain the confidence to reach your career aspirations. During this one day workshop you will learn how to identify your current skill set and establish an understanding of what skills you may need to achieve your career goals.

Additional Information: Key Topics:
The key topics for this course are:
- What defines a career?
- Careers and career paths in the Public Sector
- Current challenges impacting public sector careers
- What employers are looking for
- Harnessing your aspirations and planning your career
- Career concepts and models
- Job search strategies
- Identifying your skills and attributes
- Identifying suitable positions
- Using mentors effectively
- Personal career mapping

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of this course you will be able to:
- Define what a career is in the 21st century
- List the benefits of building a career in the public service
- Identify types of careers you can pursue within the public sector
- Define the four typical career concepts: linear, expert, spiral, roamer
- Identify trends in public sector careers, including emerging occupations
- Plan your career in broad terms by applying the 4 step career planning process: knowing yourself, finding out, making decisions, taking action.

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