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Working in an environment where you may encounter hazardous material carries unique risks. Its vital to develop the knowledge for handling waste safely. Identify and evaluate risks, implement control measures, and facilitate the removal of sharps with this one day course. *This workshop is delivered in conjunction with Allens Training, RTO 90909. 10685NAT.

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Key Topics:
The key topics in this course are:
- Follow organizational policies to recognize sharps
- Undertake a risk assessment to identify any hazards
- Implement control measures
- Dispose of sharps as per operational requirements

Learning Outcomes:
At the completion of this course you should have the skills and knowledge to:
- Use appropriate manual handling techniques whilst arranging safety barriers devices
- Identify the risk of potential for a needle stick injury and the possible consequences or implications
- Complete workplace documentation as required
- Identify the required removal equipment, locate the equipment and transport equipment to the location of the sharp or infectious waste.
- Utilise personal protective equipment to remove sharps as per standard operation procedures
- Remove, clean and store barriers and signs

- A full list of the outcomes covered can be viewed in the course training package. -

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