About this course

Risk is inevitable in many business, organisations or projects. This one day workshop is designed to teach you the fundamentals of successful risk management. It will equip you with the ability to identify risks, communicate effectively with stakeholders and assess internal and external contexts.

Additional Information: Key Topics:
The key topics for this course are:

Defining risk

- What is ‘risk’?
- Introduction to Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZ ISO 31000-2009: Risk Management – Principles and Guidelines

Communication and consultation

- Identifying key stakeholders
- Communicating and consulting with key stakeholders

Establishing the context

- Understanding the internal and external strategic and organisational context for risk management

Risk assessment

- Risk identification, evaluation, analysis and treatment
- Using risk registers in risk management

Risk monitoring and review

- Ensuring control and treatment measures remain effective
- Identifying emerging risks
- Considering lessons learnt from realised risks

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of this course you will be able to:
- Understand the principles of robust risk management, as prescribed in AS/NZ ISO 31000-2009
- Engage with key stakeholders when identifying and assessing risks
- Effectively identify and assess risks using the principles prescribed in AS/NZ ISO 31000-2009
- Use a risk register to record and manage risks

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