About this course

This workshop will provide you with the skills for developing a record of formal and informal meetings. During the workshop you will learn the fundamental principles of organisation and listening beyond the spoken word. You'll also have the opportunity to demonstrate your skills through a number of interactive activities, including a mock meeting.

Additional Information: Key Topics:
Topics covered include:
- The role of the minute taker
- Minute taking principles and processes
- Effective listening and note-taking skills
- Being organised before, during and after the meeting
- Tailoring minutes for different meetings

You will learn why effective minute taking is important to any organisation and the personal and organisational benefits of keeping accurate records. You will reflect on your own experiences in taking notes during meetings and explore how these skills can be developed to become more effective in the role of minute taker. You will also complete a range of practical activities and exercises, including a mock meeting, to identify the key information in meetings and improve your minute taking skills.

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of this course you will be able to:
- Recognise the importance of minute taking
- Understand the difference between formal and informal minute styles
- Differentiate between appropriate information to include in minutes, and what to leave out
- Use strategies to review minutes to ensure accuracy
- Distribute and store minutes appropriately.

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