About this course

Wordpress is a great platform for websites and is used the world over so if you want to create a website or perhaps just start a blog this is place to start. You can choose from the free option or pay for the more advanced tools, either way it’s a great all in one option. The workshop covers, template options, how to get started with domains, modifying templates, design and style, considerations, how to use the core web creation tools, content management, wordpress web analytics tools, wordpress plug-ins and a myriad of little things that will save you time and frustration. No prior web experience needed.

Materials Required: While the class is held in a room with sufficient computers for everyone you may like to bring your laptop/ipad/mobile phone with you (along with a charger). Some participants find this a handy way of keeping settings and associated information when accessing Wordpress, rather than leaving them on a classroom computer.

Please bring your own lunch and refreshments. We regret kitchen facilities are not currently available due to CV19 restrictions.

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