About this course

This Voiceover workshop, run over two Saturdays will show you how to maximise the use of your voice, for fun, work and money! Participants will receive voice coaching and guidance, basic audio editing skills and a voice demo reel to take home.

Materials Required:

You will need to bring:
• Your own laptop with the free editing software Audacity downloaded PRIOR to the first Saturday class (
• A USB with preloaded course notes will be provided
Please bring your own lunch and/or refreshments on the day. We regret kitchen facilities are not available at this time due to CV19 restrictions.

Additional Information: 6 core skills you’ll take away:
• Basic audio editing skills and its importance
• Interpreting, editing and understanding the needs of a script
• Understanding of individual vocal strengths and best applications
• Basic understanding of equipment and resources used for vocal recording
• Monetising opportunities
• Awareness of Licensing/royalties/copyright issues

This course is ideal for theatre and TV actors, audio book and podcast presenters, broadcasters, public speakers, MCs, stand-up comedians, teachers and lecturers – or anyone aspiring to be any one of the above! It is also beneficial to anyone who is a nervous public speaker; for people looking for a potential way to make money from their voice or those looking to improve their communication and/or oration skills.

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