About this course

Learn how to style and create visual stories using a minimal amount of gear (in most cases just your smartphone). This day will also offer insights into how you can create unique edits that shout your business identity.

Materials Required: Please bring the following with you:
• Camera (DSLR, Mirrorless or Compact)
• Wide Angle, Standard, Mid-Range Zoom and Medium to Long Telephoto lenses if you have them
• Smartphone (a high end smartphone you can probably do everything you need)
• Selfie stick and/or Tripod, if you have one
• Charged battery and a spare for your camera, or back up battery pack for your smartphone
• Empty memory card
• Notepad and pen
Please bring your own lunch and/or refreshments on the day. We regret kitchen facilities are not available at this time due to CV19 restrictions

Additional Information: Core skills you’ll learn include:
• Close up product composition
• Creating the right message and look for specific social media channels
• How to control light and post capture depth of field control
• Editing for food and product photography

The techniques and shooting opportunities are suitable for both regular camera and Smartphone camera users. This course assumes you know how to control core functions on either. We recommend completing the Understanding Your DSLR or Compact Camera or Iphoneography courses prior to this course if you need to update your basic technical skills.

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