About this course

Are your characters working as hard as they can? Learn what readers connect with and why, and give your characters unique hooks, history and a heart. Workshop dialogue, strengths, flaws, backstory, relationships, goals and more, to make your characters unforgettable.

Materials Required: Please bring a notepad and pen.

Please bring your own refreshments. We regret kitchen facilities are not available at this time due to CV19 restrictions.

Additional Information: Picaresque Press is two women, living and working in Canberra – a frustrated researcher and a lost librarian – with a passion for words and writing. Picaresque stories were the first type of novels written for entertainment – not fables or cautionary tales. From Spain in the 16th century, they were liberating satires about the adventures of clever, unconventional rogues who used their wits for their own, and others’, entertainment. Picaresque Press is an ambitious small press embarking on the enterprise of helping people improve their writing and publish their work. We add another page to the vibrant writing community of Canberra.

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