About this course

Ideal for the auto enthusiast and home handyman wanting to do fine detailed work. This course will teach you how to use MIG (Gas Metal Arc) and TIG (Gas Tungsten Arc) processes for your welding projects.

Materials Required:

You must bring the following to class with you. All equipment needs to be in full working order to satisfy WHS requirements:
- Welding Helmet preferably auto darkening 9-13 shade, if you choose a flip front it is suggested that you purchase a No 10 shade lens as well. If you buy a solar auto darkening welding helmet activate the solar cells prior to the first class by exposing the helmet to direct sunlight for about an hour.
- Welding gauntlets – Gloves (Pig skin type gloves which are easier to wear when TIG welding
- Clear safety glasses (AS rated)
- 1pair of MIG or combination pliers
- Hearing protection
- Long sleeved overalls or cotton drill type clothing. No shorts and NO POLYESTER CLOTHING as this material is highly flammable
- Leather type shoes - work boots, but no runners

This equipment can be purchased SEARS Work Wear or BOC. Both can be found in Barrier Street Fyshwick.

NOTE: Any student that has incorrect personal protective equipment will not be permitted to participate in any practical classes.
Due to COVID -19 restriction, please bring your own refreshments and food for the session.

Additional Information:
On successful completion of this course you should be able to select the appropriate consumables for welding common low carbon steels (mild steels) & other ferrous materials; perform TIG Welding in the flat position in a safe manner on low carbon steel (mild steel) plate & section; carry out welding techniques on repairs - preparation and welding a variety of positions and environments.

PLEASE NOTE: The Summer Intensive course runs Monday 11th to Thursday 14th January.

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