About this course

If you're a first-time car owner, you need to know more than how to drive it. To be safe on the road you also need to know how to maintain it - even if it’s knowing how to talk to the mechanic. With a mix of theory and hands-on this course will have you feeling confident you can respond appropriately to problems as they occur.

Materials Required: While the hands-on component of this course is limited participants should wear old clothes and MUST wear covered shoes (no sneakers, thongs, or sandals) to satisfy WH&S requirements.
Please bring your own refreshments for the sessions.

Additional Information: Areas to be covered include:
• Why do you need to maintain your vehicle?
• How do you know when your car needs a service and what is it likely to cost?
• How to talk to a repairer to organise work on your vehicle
• A service/maintenance schedule for your car
• What is car identification and why do you need it?
• What can you check yourself? Including fluid levels and tyre pressure
• Answering your questions
There will also be the opportunity to check out a car on a hoist from underneath.

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