About this course

This 3 day course offers a systematic approach to photography that will allow you to extend your camera's dynamic range, increase sharpness and clarity, radically improve colour rendering and reduce image noise. The workshop is not suitable for complete beginners, but anyone who has done Brad's introductory workshops or has a solid understanding of their camera will certainly benefit and be able to keep up. See Essential Information below for a more thorough explanation of what is covered in the course.

Materials Required: Each participant will get a copy of the 350 page TLCS manual on flash drive and access to a version for download via Dropbox. Much of the workshop is hands on so we encourage you to bring all the camera gear you normally use, your laptop if you have one. You are welcome to make audio notes. Also bring plenty of memory as you will be taking lots of photos.

Additional Information: Day 1 -The Capture######
- How we see and why it really matters to your photographic creativity
- The TLCS completion backwards principle
- Stuff you were never ever told about digital capture
- The pathway to radical quality improvement
- How to improve any cameras capture ability

Day 2 The Lenses######
- Essential lens characteristics
- The hidden truths about bad lenses
- Why most digital lenses are utterly wrong for digital cameras
- Choosing the right lens for the job
- Banish blur forever
- How to test and calibrate your lenses
- Using lens defects and aberrations creatively

Day 3 The Techniques######
- 7 Sources of image noise and how to kill them all
- Depth of field on steroids
- HDR without HDR
- How to really test a camera so you can fully exploit it
- What you really must know about light
- Raw editing, stuff that is never explained but should be
- Choosing an editing workflow and tools that works for you
- The secrets of the perfect edit
- Print Tonal range and how to get it
- Sharpen like you’ve never sharpened before
- 3D looks from 2D files, the secret sauce
- Super clever custom techniques they never told you about to lift your images way beyond the norm

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