About this course

This one-day workshop explores the fundamentals of drawing through a study of the still life genre. You'll learn about composition, proportion, colour and visual effects using a variety of different art materials and techniques.

Materials Required: Please bring:
- A small range of drawing pencils (e.g. 2H,2B and 6B).
- Some willow charcoal (1 thin and 1 thick)
- A vynol eraser
- Stump/torchon
- Blade (like a box-cutter - to sharpen the pencils)
- A small set (12) of artist’s quality water colour pencils
- A3 sketch pad
- An object to draw (vase, artefact, fruit etc)
Bring one still-life image as well as one image that you would like to attempt after the course.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we regret that the kitchen is not available.
Please bring your own drinks and refreshments for the day

Additional Information: This practical workshop will look at this fascinating genre in its historical context and explore how it could be employed as the simple representation of objects in their time and place, as a demonstration of great artistic skill, or as a vehicle for contemplating life’s meaning.

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