About this course

Learn to shoot professional quality video on your mobile phone. A perfect workshop for anyone who needs to create content for video Instagram, websites, YouTube, or even those that just to tell the story of their life and travels.

Materials Required: Please bring:
• A fully charged Mobile Phone plus battery charger and cable
• Ensure you have at least 5gb of available space on your device
• Load FilmicPro onto your smart phone or tablet
• Ensure you know your iCloud or Google Play log-in password
Due to Covid-19 restrictions please bring your own refreshments for the day.

Additional Information: Core skills you’ll learn:
· Precise control of colour, tone, contrast and exposure
· The role of frame rates, compressions and format options
· Basic editing options and adjustments using on-phone editing apps
· How to plan your shoot
· The role of audio and how to get professional results
· Focus control and focus pulling
· Jargon busting the video world
Add on items such as supplementary lenses, tripods and gimbals will also be covered.

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