About this course

Learn how to make the most of the sophisticated camera in your iPhone. This hands-on workshop will show you everything you need to be able to capture, edit and share great images.

Materials Required: Bring your iPhone and/or iPad and charger. Please upload the following apps to your iPhone or iPad prior to the course. These will give you more flexibility on the day. The cost for these should be around about $25.00 or so, but it may vary a little. The Apps can change name so do not hesitate to contact our office via email if you are not sure what to purchase.

- Snapseed (Photo and Video) NOT Snapseed Pro
- ProCamera
- Hydra Amazing Photos
- Polaroid fx
- Touch retouch
- Average Cam Pro
- Cortex Cam
- Lightroom CC (the free app)

We recommend you bring your own lunch.

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