About this course

This day takes you out into the rural landscapes around Goulburn, showing you how to capture great images in places you least expect to find them. Particularly suited to shooting with long telephoto and wide-angle lenses, the day will take a slow and thoughtful approach to image making with an emphasis on composition and specific technical tools and adjustments for landscape shooting. Suitable for both regular camera and experienced smartphone users the day is aimed at students who have some photography experience and understand the key functions of their camera.

Materials Required: Camera (DSLR, Mirrorless or Compact and Smartphone)
Suitable Lenses for Interchangeable Lens Cameras: Wide Angle/Standard/ Mid-Range Zoom/Medium to Long Telephoto.
Selfie stick and/or Tripod, if you have one
Charged battery and a spare for your camera, or back up battery pack for your smartphone
Empty memory card
Notepad and pen
Hat, sunscreen, Mozzie Repellent
About $30.00 for lunch at the Green Grocer Cafe in Goulburn

Additional Information: You will learn about:
- Abstract Landscape Composition
- Reading the light
- Field Compression
- Optimal settings for landscape capture

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