About this course

Affinity Photo is an award-winning photo editing software program, offering an alternative to Photoshop. This workshop covers all of the core tools and concepts you need to understand. Presented in a way that is logical and easy to follow, it’ll get you using the application efficiently and confidently.

Materials Required: Please bring the following with you:
• Tablet or Computer (laptop or desktop) loaded with the Affinity Photo
• Battery charger and lead for your Tablet or Laptop
• Photo loaded onto your Table or Computer that you have taken and would like to edit. (Brad does supply sample photos for use in class as well)
• Notepad and pen, or you can take notes on your smartphone or tablet

Please bring your own lunch and/or refreshments on the day. We regret kitchen facilities are not available at this time due to CV19 restrictions

Additional Information: The workshop covers the following core aspects:
• Affinity layout and main tools and how they differ from Photoshop
• Core image tone and colour adjustment tools
• Affinity file structure and export options
• Selective adjustments of images
• Using layers in affinity
• Filters and film simulations

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