About this course

This workshop is designed for more advanced users and will provide you with the skills to construct complex automated spreadsheets. Learn to control the input of data through Data Validation and record and edit simple macros.

Additional Information: Key Topics:
The key topics covered in this course are:
- Create a Pivot Table from a large database
- Filtering data, grouping related data, generating reports
- Building formulas as calculated items and fields
- Generating pivot charts
- Controlling data entry using Data Validation settings
- Use Vlookup, Match, nested IF functions
- Use a number of text functions to clean imported data
- Recording Macros and attaching them to Buttons

You will build a number of worksheet models building formulas and copying and editing them. Oral tests will be provided at the end of each topic and you will complete a ‘bringing it altogether’ worksheet to revise and relearn the tasks introduced.

Learning Outcomes:
At the completion of this course, you will be able to:
- Convert large databases into Pivot Tables to enable thorough and detailed analysis. Generate reports and Pivot Charts.
- Build forms where input of information into cells is controlled through Data Validation techniques
- Use a number of complex functions to automate reports and spreadsheet processes
- Record and edit macros to eliminate repetitive tasks.

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