Our Core Values and Behaviours:

  • Client Centric: Everyone is a customer and we accept that our actions affect the customer experience.
  • Commercial: We work in a commercial, competitive environment and our work contributes to our profit potential
  • Professional: We work with respect and integrity for our collective success.
  • Collaborative: We achieve our common goals and use less individual energy by working together.
  • Trusted: We are knowledgeable, reliable and honest. We work with integrity, transparency, fairness and respect, and are supportive of each other.
  • Adaptable: We respond positively to change. We seek opportunities to continuously improve and grow our capability.
  • Accountable: We own our actions and take responsibility for the outcomes.
  • Inspirational: We motivate others to believe they can do whatever they set their minds to and inspire them to achieve.

Our Client Service Principles


  • We aim to respond to phone enquiries and emails within two business days – and mail correspondence within 10 working days
  • We will provide accurate and up to date information.

Quality Service

  • We will provide high-quality service that is flexible to your needs by engaging in genuine collaboration
  • We aim to tailor our responses to your needs
  • We value feedback as part of the process of improving our service to you
  • We will provide service and facilities that are as accessible as possible to all our stakeholders.


  • We have systems in place to ensure that we protect your confidential information
  • We manage all personal information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 and Territory Privacy Principles contained in the Information Privacy Act 2014 (ACT Legislation).


  • We are open and transparent about our processes
  • All our program information is published on our website
  • We aim to provide consistent and clear information across our communication channels
  • Our staff must disclose conflicts of interest
  • We will give you access to your personal information if you request it.


  • Our business dealings with you will be conducted with integrity and honesty
  • Our people will listen to understand your needs
  • Every customer is treated equally
  • Our people will be accountable in their dealings with you.

If you visit us in person we will:

  • ensure you are able to readily identify staff through the use of name badges or office name cards
  • treat you with respect and courtesy and be fair in all our dealings
  • endeavour to respond to your query in full or refer you to the more appropriate area
  • attend appointments and meetings at the agreed time
  • provide appropriate facilities for meetings
  • do our best to meet your needs in genuine emergencies.

If you call us we will:

  • answer calls as promptly as possible or have an answering service available
  • identify ourselves with our name and work area when answering calls
  • be courteous and helpful at all times
  • endeavour to answer your query in full or refer you to a more appropriate area or call you back as soon as possible
  • respond to voicemail promptly
  • leave a voicemail message when out of the office, if this is for more than one business day leave an alternative contact number if appropriate.

If you send us an email or letter we will:

  • acknowledge correspondence straight away
  • communicate clearly and through appropriate channels
  • include a contact name, reference number (where appropriate) and other contact details (telephone, email) when replying.

If you have a meeting with us we will:

  • book appointments through Outlook at a mutually convenient time
  • reschedule meetings if required, notifying you as soon as possible as well as contacting you to reschedule the meeting at a mutually convenient time
  • be on time and prepared for meetings by reading through any relevant meeting notes prior to the meeting
  • follow up on actions required after the meeting
  • note the outcomes of the meeting.


We would love to receive your feedback. You can let us know what we are doing well and what we need to improve on.  You can provide feedback by contacting us on 62074444 or citsol@cit.edu.au.

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